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Do most pros care much less about their racquet than the typical recreational player?

That's why they don't pay companies big bucks to highly customize their frames or stick with frames for many, many years changing only the PJ.

Some don't pay big bucks to break sponsorship contracts since they care so little about their gear on which the rely to feed, house, or clothe themselves and their families.

Instead they use whatever's the latest model from their sponsor right off the shelf. They pickup six frames at the local sporting goods store and don't bother matching them for weight or SW or balance. Mueck, they usually mix models from different manufacturers in their bag!

They use just one frame for an entire match changing racuqets only when they break a string. They'd never do something like switch frame when new balls come into play. What's the point in that?

No, slip YOUR frame into a pro's bag and he couldn't tell the difference and it would have no effect on his success. He could return a 130 MPH serve from Isner with a 9.8 oz frame strung with year old NXT 17 just fine and take home that silver platter ftw.

Oh, wait, I may have that backwards...
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
that 10 feet of lead tape has no effect on a frame...
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