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Originally Posted by Setmatch45 View Post
I have a more specific question this year I went

7-0 regular season
2-0 in districts
1-1 in sectionals

I lost to the top doubles teams 6-3,7-5 they moved on to nationals.

Early start I was not moved up. Why is that?
As mentioned earlier in this thread, it isn't winning/losing that determines your rating, but the opponents rating and the score of the match. If you play weak opponents and/or win very closely (or perhaps even lose more games than you win), your rating can go down even with a win.

Also, it depends when early start ratings are calculated and what is included in them. In the PNW for example, they generally come out in June and only include adult results through local playoffs but no sectional/national results nor results from another summer league we have.
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