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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
I break multis in about 3 hours, I'm sick of stringing my racquets.

PE does not break and the price, man, the reel is a bargain! Cross with syn gut, it's even cheaper, lol, goodluck with your trial
Well, I don't break multis that fast and I string my own racquets so durability is not that important to me. The most important priority for me is comfort and injury prevention. And since I hit mostly flat, the ability of the string to generate gobs of spin is not all that important to me either. So based on pvaudio's comment, I think I'll pass on the trial of PS Energy.

BTW, what's the difference between breaking a multi in 3 hours versus having to cut out PS Energy after only a few hours since it quickly loses all playability as others here have pointed out?
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