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Originally Posted by leaugeCO View Post
They did not count in the past. But can assure you that nation wide they count. That is not something sections have leeway on
So I'm curious how 6-0,6-0 matches count now. My understanding of the thought process was that such matches couldn't tell you much about how the players compare, e.g. if a 4.0 is supposed to be a 3.5 6-0,6-0, then how does one fairly come up with a match rating for the match? It is possible that the higher rated player could only have their rating drop and the lower rated player rise if the gap between them is large enough. But if someone beats a player with a very similar rating 6-0,6-0 you'd want that to count.

My thought has always been that a 6-0,6-0 match should count if the gap between the players is small enough that the expected score is closer than 6-0,6-0 but not count otherwise. So is this what is being done now?

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