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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Great Nadal lost last year Wimbledon final with a Broken Foot...but It doesn't make sense he lost to Novak Djokovic who had an injured back in last year US Open final.
No no no no no.

Rafa only loses when injured. He wins when injured too, and thus is the warrior GOAT. Djokovic obviously was just pretending to be injured and since Rafa was, and is, injured the USO should have been expected.

In fact Djokovic should be ashamed for losing to GOAT Warrior Rafael "The Impossible" Nadal when he was injured in the RG final this year. Rafa, like he always does, was very humble about being injured and downplayed it, but we know the truth is that the warrior was injured and fought very hard to defeat prime, peak Djokovic at 100%. GOAT Rafa, GOAT warrior.
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