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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
You can't just start at the tip of one of the rackets and draw a straight line thru
where you want it to go as it passes thru more of the rackets and does not
stay at the tip...then say the racket travels in a straight line. lol
I'm saying this even though your mis-info is mostly inline with what I'm saying!

The fact that this segment travels near a straight line as you align with the ball
for contact,
is what I have been sharing all along.

I guess you keep leaving out the across part of the stroke at and after contact for
some reason?

and we still have no outward ball path, right?

and the Main thing is your pic is pretty clear how the hand, the main MTM reference, is working
across prior to contact to such an extent that we can tell that is likely true even without the
outward target line.
First of all give us definition of horizontal “across aspect”. Then explain in what frame exactly before impact Nadal starts producing “across aspect”. I asked you many times already and never got the answer. I just cannot talk about undefined term.

I’m pro in interpolation and approximation. You even cannot imagine what I know about this stuff.
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