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Originally Posted by Smashing_Forehand View Post
I don't know what the problem with not adding names to the pics is. I too prefer it when there are names to go with the pics, but if it was such a problem for me, I just wouldn't frequent the site anymore.

Also isn't there some rule, or gentleman's agreement, that every post must include at least ONE PIC? So if you do feel the need to complain, please accompany that complaint with a picture worthy of this thread.
There is no rules in this thread, at least for me, lol. It's just pics of tennis players, that's pretty much the only standard rule, nothing to be too serious about. Definitely don't want to make this seem like some elitist club, though it would be nice and is encouraged that those who do complain ab pics that are posted post pics of those they'd rather see.

I do usually try to post pics whenever I post, but that's just me - I'm a weirdo like that.

Now with that being said, here's (the talented) Lesia Tsurenko & Ksenia Pervak

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