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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
Who "The Big Four" has lost to in GS finals:

Federer: Nadal (6x) & del Potro (1x)
Djokovic: Nadal (2x), Federer (1x), & Murray (1x)
Murray: Federer (3x), Djokovic (1x)
Nadal: Djokovic (3x), Federer (2x)

Federer has beaten 8 other players
Djokovic has beaten 1 other player
Nadal has beaten 3 other players

So yes, considering that Fed usually beats everyone not named Nadal, it is quite an achievement.
What's interesting is that only two people managed to beat the guy in the 24 finals he's played. And one of them only once. It sounds way cool when you hear it this way
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