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Originally Posted by nadafinga View Post
I got it second-hand in the mid-eighties. It was black graphite with a very, very elongated reversed teardrop shaped head. It had a cross bar & was quite flexible.

I want to say that the name of the company either started with a "B" or a "Y".

Thanks in advance.
Sorry to revive this thread....
I'm sure it was a Scepter XL-2. Very thin beam (3.5mm) and about 20mm wide. It has a black glossy finish with silver pin stripe. Reverse pear shaped head with crossbar.
Scepter was from in L.A. and was known for their "solid" frames. No air or foam filled tube but solid graphite with kevlar core.
I happened to come across 2 models in n.o.s. condition, gripsealed and one has the paper insert still in the head.
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