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I think team sports, especially contact sports where you need to carry a lot of muscle, are more prone to producing heavier-than-average former players. People with that body type will naturally turn muscle to fat as they become too old to keep themselves in top condition. Tennis players aren't chunky to start with, so it's less likely to become a problem.

I seem to remember Ilie Nastase being a bit... "cuddly" after he retired, although he's not obese? Might be wrong, though. Kafelnikov and Lendl are obvious names; two who turned to golf in their retirement, instead of jumping on to the Champions Tour to keep in shape. And I'm surprised nobody's mentioned a certain Mr Nalbandian, who I don't think will be suffering from anorexia after he quits.

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The late Horst Skoff was pretty big in his last few years of life.
I didn't know he'd died. Wow... guy was barely older than me. Always seems sadder when journeymen pass on, probably because there's no big hoo-ha memorials. I felt the same about Todd Witsken.

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