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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
These are a possibility, but I found the viper VIs weren't as wide as the previous model despite claiming to be on the same last. The mid will give you feedback that your ankle is rolling over, but at the expense of more weight on an already heavy shoe.

The NFS last seems to be a good idea, but the Viper VI is a heavy and stiff shoe. I didn't find it wider than normal and because it was so stiff, it took a long break-in period to soften up enough to not crush my toes or kill my feet. It is fairly comfortable now that it is broken in.

I wish Prince would use the NFS last on a performance shoe, but years ago when they were answering questions on this board, they stated they had no intention of using it in a performance shoe. Apparently, the market for the straighter last tends to be players who value durability far more than performance.
Prince did have the Cobras, which were also built on the NFS last, and presumably more performance oriented, but I didn't like them all that well. I've never needed to break in any generation of the Vipers, but the NFS fits me really well.

Unfortunately the choices are very limited for mids. Because I live close to one of TW's competitors I've been able to try on every mid on the market, and the Viper is the only one that feels good for me. I really wanted to like the K-Swiss Tubes or Ultrascendors, but never felt comfortable. I guess I could try moving away from mids and using ankle braces instead. Once you've turned your entire lower leg black from a sprained ankle, you become very conscious of footwear.
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