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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
Couldn't agree more. I think they know deep down. If they don't im scared for them to have children lol.
Interesting, what about Nadal fans who refer to WTF (a potentially 1500 points worth tourney valued greatly by nobodies such as Sampras, Lendl, Becker and Federer) as a worthless, cheesy exo (as in worth zero points, outclassed by tourneys like say Stockholm and Serbia Open)? Are you scared for them to have children too?

Thing is, Olympics' relative worth regarding tennis is very subjective and varies greatly from player to player (and from fan to fan) and as much as there are Fed fans around here who downplay it's significance there are Nadal fans who overrate it to high heavens mainly because it's one of the rare things Fed lacks in his resumee and their Spartan hero happenes to have won it.

Sure top players put a great effort at the Olympics this year but that wasn't always the case in the past (heck, during the reign of some past great players, tennis wasn't even an Olympic sport so they couldn't participate even if they wanted to) and if we value personal opinions of players so much we'd have to agree that for example Fed's 7 Wimbledons are clearly worth more than Nadal's 7 FOs since the vast majority of players holds Wimbledon in higher regard than any other slam, somehow I doubt Nadal fanboys around here would agree with that.
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