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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Sure but one could also argue that neither Olympics nor DC should be regarded as fully individual achievements. In both of them, you represent your country and win the medal/trophy for your country rather than for just yourself. Spain/ Serbia/ USA, etc has X Olympic medals and X DC titles. DC is a team event anyway. In the case of masters and slams, you win them for yourself alone, so those are true individual achievements.
I can see the gist of where you're coming from but this isn't actually correct, at least not for the Olympics. Some (displaced) athletes compete under the flag of the IOC. Also, unlike DC, no country 'wins' the Olympic games overall, or at the individual event level e.g. Great Britain is not the reigning men's singles tennis Olympic champion - Andy Murray is, whereas Spain are the regining DC champions, not Nadal, Ferrer et al.

This also explains why, unlike DC, individual names are used in the scoring rather than countries e.g. 'Murray leads, 2 sets to 1' rather than 'Great Britian lead, 2 sets to 1'.
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