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Default Has Bartoli lost the plot!!

I was watching the tennis last night, as you do, and the match between Goerges (pronounced Gorgeous) and Bartoli. In truth I was trying to watch Goerges more than Bartoli, but that would be going off topic.

I hadn't noticed this before, but all of that jumping and air tennis that Bartoli does between points just looks really weird.

I noticed a couple of time that Gorgeous was looking at her as if to say "what the jeffing hell are you doing". I must admit, if I saw my opponent doing that, I would quietly try and walk off the court without them noticing, fearing for my life.

I appreciate players have their little quirks that help them focus, like Sharapova turning her back on her opponent to do a little tippy-toe shuffle then screaming every time she hits the ball and Azarenka impersonating a 6 foot owl.

However, this weirdness from Bartoli just seems borderline manic. Although it did seem to work in unsettling her opponent as Gorgeous seemed a lot more focused on what Bartoli was up to than her own game. Is it yet more gamesmanship that works.

I'm not sure I have a point here really, I just thought it was weird.
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