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Hey Ross. Didn't realize you had any adversions to stiff rackets. I thought you were fine with them since you used TB16 and that the Pro#1 issues were because of the extra stiff customized frame. Where would you rank the APD OG in terms of stiffness/harshness?

Being a racketaholic, it might be easier to know which tweeners you've already tried. Also, are you going for more power, or is feel more important?

Have you tried the Exo3 Tour, 400T, or BB London?
Re RA I prefer crisp/soft but seem to do better with stiff, if you follow me, eg being I've played a lot over the years with various Babs and 6.1's and they seem to fit with my requirements. Softer frames (like the Exo 100) I find it harder to access that put away/serve power. But I wouldn't say I have an aversion to stiff rackets, just some of them; the arm-kilers like I mentioned before (TF 315, Extreme, PDR), and I suspect I'd have the same problem with some of the newer, stiffer frames out there...

Yes, that specially modded custom frame did cause me some lingering problems...

APD/O is pretty much at the edge of my limits for stiffness tolerance. I also string low, plus this frame is just a tad softer than most Babs....

Re TB I moved away from that earlier this year and started hybriding. I'm now looking at a bunch of options including gut/poly. That said, whilst it indeed lacked in feel a bit for me, it's my fav ever bar none poly for power/spin/control...

Basically, Ray, I'm considering something very much along the lines of my APD/O but with, ideally, better feel/control/solidness/build but isn't a major drop off in oomph/power - and crucially, isn't too jarring either.

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