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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
Not even close baby~!

Not even close baby~!

You string poly looser than gut (obviously). poly is in the mains, therefore, the crosses will be strung looser than the mains.

Also, 2 lbs is NOT the normal range. It never was. There was a point where it was a 5 lb difference, but Roger usually strings in terms of kg (because he's from the part of the world that's smart enough to use the metric system). He strings with a 1.5 kg difference (~3.3 lbs, so you can say 3 lbs). At one point way back (2004 I think, he strung 55 lbs mains and 50 lbs crosses, which is like 25 kg mains and 23 kg crosses.

The tension was close enough. How he strung the mains and crosses weren't.
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