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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
I finally tried some 4G (17g) hybrid with Classic gut today. I found it to be okay. For me, it isn't as good as the gut/Tour Bite hybrid I have been playing. It doesn't spin as well or feel as good. Don't get me wrong, it is a fine setup, and probably better than the gut/Hurricane Feel setup I had been playing, although the Hurricane Feel setup has set the standard for longevity in my gut/poly hybrid.

It's not a bad string for me, just not as good as some others.
I agree the 4G spin potential is not as great as with other gut/poly hybrids. I found PHT much better in that department. Both seem pretty comfortable and durable. 4G definitely had the edge in control over PHT and other poly crosses I've tried. Definitely a trade off.
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