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If you want to string a Prince racket one piece and you don't have a boomerang the easiest way is to place a smooth round object between the string you are tensioning and the last string you tensioned. This holds the strings apart so you can clamp them. Like a racket wrench socket extension.

But because you have flying clamps you don't need two of them to string the crosses. You could use one clamp moving it from side to side down the racket. So you could put one in between the two strings to hold them apart on the top of the frame, pull tension, and clamp the strings from underneath with the other clamp. never tired it but it should work.

Problem is the clamp is going to have friction. That means you tension will be lower. Better to have something hard round and smooth to reduce friction. Preferably some with the same diameter as the spacing between the strings.

I have also used nylon string. I pushed a loop of string in the O port from the inside and over the string I was going to tension. The put the end of the string through the loop and pull on the string with your hand. This pulls the cross string down the side of the racket. When you put tension on the cross the nylon string provides very little resistance and you can get the string perfectly straight which you can't do with some other methods. Then there is the S hook method and many other options. Some KMs have a brake that works too. My point is any method you use will cause more work. Why not use the 2 piece 50/50? It is no more work than some other methods.

EDIT: And with the 2 piece 50/50 you don't need anything to keep track of. if you call Prince to get the boomerangs you MIGHT get the boomerang you need and you might not but it will take at least a week if you do get it.

EDIT: If you use the the boomerangs with a 6 point stringer sooner or later you will have a problem where the boomerang does not fit in the top O Ports because the side support is in the way. DON'T RELEASE THOSE SIDE SUPPORTS NOW!!!!! They nylon string trick works great in this situation.
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