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Originally Posted by bhallic24 View Post
So i've been playing more tennis lately and developed over the last 2 months this callus on my dominant hand about 1 inch below the ring finger. It's from the buttcap of the racket rubbing on that area everytime I hit a forehand. I've tried buffering it up with more overgrip so that it's a softer surface but it hasn't helped.

Anyone else have tennis related calluses and have any tips in terms of therapy other than not playing/holding a racket?
I have a callus on my palm. I use a pummus stone in the shower to smooth it out every day. Just lightly rub the stone on the callus for 20 seconds or so when your hands are soft from the water. It will remove dead,flaky skin.

Never cut off a callus with a blade, could get infected.
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