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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Hi friends! I was very, very lucky last week and was able to purchase two of the Bosworth 1986 Kneissl White Star Pro Masters frames. I was thrilled – I have a personal connection to this model, having used them when new in tournaments in Europe and the USA. I was even able to get the pair in my grip size (3)!

They arrived yesterday. It’s interesting; they are both very well worn, showing lots of use. One of the frames has deep “court rash” down to the fiberglass, but only on one edge on one side, as though the pro who used this frame used it all season, and had the habit of playing with one certain side of the racquet “down” (as I do religiously), and scraped it on backhands only! The other shows far less head rash, but surface scrapes and reddish dirt (clay?). Both frames have quite a bit of lead tape affixed at 9, 12, and 3 o’clock positions, and on the shaft just above the grip. The grips are a nice Fairway leather grip, slightly unusual as 1986 was the first year Kneissl White Star Pro Masters featured the house-brand “Topstar” top grain cowhide grips in lieu of the Fairway grips which came standard on the model in 1983-1985. It’s quite possible that grips were swapped out by the Bosworth shop, but who really knows?

There are a couple primitive stickers on one of the frames (one’s just a few initials on a strip of cloth athletic tape!), but nothing I can see to signify who used them. With the grip size and weight, it must have been someone who had average or smaller hands, and was fairly strong. I recall Kevin Curren, Helena Sukova, and Jakob Hlasek using this model in 1986, but I can’t remember anyone else.
Glad to hear you got a pair of those frames since your an actual player playing them and appreciating their superb old school flex and weight. Sorry to hear that one stick had significant court rash which was not described in the listing. Sounds like they were used by a SV'er who made lots of low digs on the BH side. I really enjoy my WSP strung with vintage natural gut as it is one of the most buttery playing rackets ever. If you decide to part with one, please let me know

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