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Originally Posted by tonygao View Post

about this, I have watched this video long time ago and I thought I understand it quite well. but maybe in reality i am not using it correctly. could you do me a favor to point out one maybe two cases in this vid where I didn't position myself correctly for the shots? thanks.
That video jump out my head just because you said: "naturally I would think the same about tennis thus, never move to a particular direction before the ball is hit by my opponent. am I wrong?".

Anyway, I went back to check your video again, couldn't find anything in about first 3 and half mins since most points ended in less than 3 shots. The backhand down the line at 4.10, you should move toward forehand side of your court after finished the shot unless your opponent has strong tendency of hitting down the line when running. Your serve return at 5.50 was quite good, landed deep at his backhand side, he missed forehand due to lost balance, but if he didn't miss and hit back to your backhand side, you will have to hit a backhand because you moved toward centre too much after return. If you stayed at backhand side, you will be in position to hit a strong inside out/inside in forehand. I didn't check the rest of your video.

In any case, the general rule of positioning in baseline rally is:" move toward the mirror position of where your opponent going to hit the ball, stop and split step when he is in hitting position", that is what that video about anyway.
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