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Originally Posted by Orion3 View Post
Question for 5263 - slighlty off (current) topic - but a bit closer to the OP's topic

Hands up - I know very little about MTM, Oscar etc.

Looking at some of his video's though the MTM forehand looks incredibly similar to Couriers - one of the first pro's I recall hitting a WW finish.

So to the question - is Couriers forehand typical of the MTM forehand? Albeit he finished across his body rather than over his shoulder.
Not knowing much about it is fine and why I'm on here.
Courier's Fh, like most of today's top pros is has many elements of MTM. I have
not studied him much and don't have a lot of good vid on him to do so.

Simply he does work from slightly below the contact to pull up and across
the shot. The basic over the shoulder finish is just the starting point for MTM,
and you can finish using the other types as well. I'm not really on board with
defining shots by a finish anyway.
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