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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ Thanks everyone. It's a PITA hassle demoing here in the UK, so it's great to have this feedback. Food for thought then...

1. BLX Pro Open
2. Warrior EXO3
3. Formula 100
4. Yonex's (various)
5. Pro Kennex's
6. 400T
7. BBLondon

QSN. How does the Yonnie 100S play stiffness-wise in ppl's opinions?
I would have to add the Donnay Pro 1 to the list since weight wise it is in the tweener range and head is 1 sq inch less than a bb London, which I agree should be on the list. some will argue the Pro 1 is more of a players racquet or 'tweenerish' players stick though.
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