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Originally Posted by toly View Post
But, according to Wegner there should be significant counterclockwise sidespin.
I'm beginning to believe you are not an engineer, but just trolling.
Even surehs and other anti Oscar folks have agreed the stroke has "across aspect"


Is that too hard for an engineer to see? You keep showing pics prior to contact
which is irrelevant to this point. Why?? Is this language difficulty?

As to Wegner's comments about sidespin...I expect if he said what you claim,
he was talking about a right hander, but would need a reference to that comment
to be more sure what that is about.

Either way, the pic above is not even addressing the issue.
I'm sorry, toly, but we have done this issue over and over with you seeming
to be the only one who doesn't get it. You might as well post a dog or cat for
evidence of your claims, as you keep showing the wrong part of the swing.
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