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Originally Posted by Kal-El 34 View Post
That was a common problem with the early Donnay line and their weighted caps... A little roll of scotch tape as filler and no issue. A small annoyance but was easily fixable. Hope it helps. Debating pulling the trigger and trying an angell but it's tough as I haven't actually bought a racket in years haha..
They are really nice frames ... a little underpowered for an oldster like me. I'm mostly playing with the new PK Qtour.

What is so nice about the Angell is the super solid feel the foam treatment provides, and the ability to get the balance and weight you want without resorting to lead. Just think I may be a little past my prime to handle it.

I will say that it is great to do business with Paul ( not often a company head- even a small company) gets as involved with his customers as Paul does.
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