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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
No one is saying that at all.

Giving Nadal credit for battling through his injuries is simply giving the guy credit where credit is due.

The guy has missed four slams and an Olympics . And yet he has still managed to win them all if not once but multiple times in some cases.

The man has 11 slams and an Olympic gold medal despite playing the most physical brand of tennis known to man.

Doesn't he deserve a little bit of credit. Is your hate that deep that you can't acknowledge one of the greatest achieents of all time ?
I can give credit to his achievment because he is a great player and he has accomplished great things.

What I cant do is somehow try and deduce that he is greater than players who have achieved far more or somehow try and twist logic to say that he is greater because he has managed to achieve what he has "in spite of his health/physical condition". You see his physical problems are a direct result of the way he plays the game which in itself takes away from his greatness. His physical problems are not an excuse why he has not won more but rather the opposite. He would have won more if he had been a better tennis player. Rafa is a great competitor more-so than a great tennis player.
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