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Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
Wow everyone sub-quotes me on my calling Nadal out on wanting to remove hard courts from the game but conveniently fails to read this in my post:

"I canít pretend not to play on hard courts when two of the Slams are on hard courts, but there is a mistake "with our game," Nadal said. ďYou donít watch footballers playing on a hard surface, or basketball players, those sports with rapid movements. Itís not going to change for me and my generation. Hard courts are very negative for the body. I know the sport is a business and creating these courts is easier than clay or grass, but I am 100 percent sure it is wrong. I may have to play more on clay than before, but there arenít that many options." source:
So in other words I can't slide, run around and go crazy on cement because it hurts my knee so it's very negative.
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