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Hi everyone! New to the boards and just ordered two of these bad boys... I've been playing with Pure Storm GT's leaded up to around 11.9 oz with Sonic Pro17 at 53# or Intellitour 17 at 57/55 and really like the playing characteristics, head shape and performance, but they are extremely "twangey"... even with the O dampener I get a high pitch audible vibration that drives me nuts. Maybe the woofer system... I also play with Dunlop 4d 200 tour's which are sold, but just not a fan of the narrow elongated hoop shape.
For me the beam width/head shape/throat length have to "feel" and look right to my eye, and I tend to like a shorter throat, squareish head and 21-22mm beam width, it's a mental thing I guess... After reading and researching every single Bab, Head, Dunlop, Vokl, Prince, Wilson racquet I stumbled on the YY's and the 200 specked out to my liking as I am looking for a softer players frame with the above characteristics that I can play stock at around 340 g with just an over grip and dampener. This is a no-demo "gut" buy but at $89 it's hard to go wrong...I can't wait for the UPS truck!

I am going to try the MSV Focus Hex mains at 50 and Prince SG Duraflex crosses at 48 as I've read about this racquets fondness for lower tension set-ups... Anyway just wanted to say "hi" and I will definitely post my feedback after a few sessions.
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