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I don't want to speak out of turn, but I think the point was that it was that while a lot of people might say it, for various reasons, it's a worry if they actually mean it. Nadal fans might claim the WTF is worthless during banteer, but that doesn't mean they actually mean it. If they do mean it, then they are also deluded.

The debate either way is skewed by people who have a vested interest in promoting one tournament as more worthy than another, and a handful Federer and Nadal fans are the most obvious culprits. Personally, I wouldn't trust the opinion of someone who claims WTFs is worth nothing just as I don't trust the opinion of someone who claims the Olympics are worth less than a Masters.

That said, while serious tennis fans will rate the WTF as something worth achieving, the general public couldn't care less. I was speaking to colleagues about it recently, and while most of them know about the WTFs - it's hard to move on the London tube without seeing the posters, most actually did think it was a big money exhibition event. This included people who enthusiastically follow the action at Wimbledon.

On the other hand, people who have only a passing interest in sport, never mind tennis, in virtually every country in the world, knows about and values an Olympic Gold medal as something to be impressed by. The tennis community may not have taken it very seriously for a while, but the rest of the sporting world did.

It's worth remembering that a lot of tennis players are sports fans and love the whole Olympic spirit and vibe and now that tennis is properly re-established as a proper Olympic sport, they love being a part of it. One of the reasons John McEnroe is now so in love with Olympic tennis is that he is now a fully signed up member of the Olympics fan club. He was on British tv a lot talking about all of the different events he attended and not just the tennis. Michael Johnson did the same. It was fascinating to see how legends in one sport really appreciate watching elite sports of any discipline.
It doesn't matter what those people think. Those are the same people that think Mike tyson was a possible GOAT.

The olympics are just a bigger sports event. Anyone with 2 braincells to rub together should realize that the WTF is bigger, simply because it has a richer history and you are only facing the best players.

The Olympic champions include people like Rosset and Massu. No such luck with the WTF.
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