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I would swag-a-mate about 340-345 but there is no way to telling.

Try this:

1. go to Apple App Store and buy the iPhone swing weight app for about $3. String and grip your racket to the point where it is ready to be played. Then you still have to hang it from 2 pencils, enter the hang distance, actually balance and total weight into the app. Then, you swing it and point the iPhone camera at the center of the handle as it swings. The app will calculate swing weight. Do it 2 or 3 times and average the numbers. You need 2 pencils, a gram scale, a measuring tape in CM and possibly a balance board. If you don't have a balance board, use the lay the head on a flat table method to get the balance.

2. Try using the manually racket customization tool and enter all the changes you made. It will estimate new SW, twist weight and balance.
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