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Originally Posted by tennisfan69 View Post
that is up for discussion. but from analyzing various videos like this of top players, the question to be answered is if the pulling across is a deliberate action or it is a consequence of the swing.
the concept of hitting thru 3-5 balls as being coached at where my sons get coached, i am interested from experts here is it correct. so i dont have any conclusion, but more questions.
If that's your question, then, IMO, the notion of hitting through 3-5 balls "after contact" is obsolete. That's not the way to hit with the power and the heavy topspin being used by the top players today.

Having said that, IMO, the swinging across aspect of the swing path is not so much a result of purposely pulling across. (Some here disagree about that). Rather, IMO, it is a function of the correct contact point being so far out front that there's no where else for the arm to go, and of the upper body rotation inherent in a modern stroke before and after contact. If you make contact at the correct point, it would be very awkward, if not impossible, to continue to swing toward the target for 3-5 balls. That is the typical instruction for a traditional forehand hit with a neutral or closed stance where the contact point is between the feet, in front of the chest while the chest is facing the side fence. With a modern forehand, the upper body has rotated before contact so that the chest should be facing the target before contact, and continues to rotate until it faces the other side fence at the finish. That's why an open stance is generally required to fully execute a modern forehand.

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