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Originally Posted by BudFox View Post
Newer player trying to climb the ladder.

I've found that I can easily handle the slower pace of 3.0's and some 3.5's, but when I am matched up against a harder hitter I get tossed. My thought is I need to adjust my timing to the higher speed. I have a long swing motion, but am used to the ball taking longer to arrive and my timing is off resulting in an abbreviated swing motion (I can imagine this is ugly to watch - and I know for a fact the ball is ugly to watch). I'm inclined to believe it's a problem with my anticipation and preparation. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, what were the keys to overcoming it?

Also, any tips for training? Ball machine? Is the wall effective for something like this? I ask because if the responses are going to be "work at it" I'd rather have a method of working at it that doesn't involve me getting stomped for a few months straight. Not that I have a huge problem with losing, but I am trying to put in the extra work outside of matches.

Any responses/suggestions would be appreciated.


If you are playing matches where players can hit balls with way more pace than you can, at similar consistancy, then you are playing people who are better than you. Therefore you don't need a "reason" to explain your loss.

As far as what to do about it as you improve, you have two choices: either you can handle their pace better or you have to hit the sort of shot where they can't generate as much pace with the same consistancy. You know your game best so whichever you think suits you better is likely to be the right answer.
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