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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Yeah, sometimes I get the feeling I have to feel the depths of dispair before reaping the benefits of the good times.
I've been sanding this ceiling now for about 4 hours, on and off, 20 minutes sessions. My shoulder's can't handle non stop sanding overhead action. It's about half finished, first sanding.
Yeah, it's been a tough last 20 years. Working 4 hours a day average, 2 days a week, getting paid to rescue adrift windsurfers and sailboaters, having g/f's from 10-23 years younger than me, most years snowboarding at least 20 days, windsurfing 120, surfing maybe 20, and playing tennis once a week on average, life is just tough, and almost getting unbearable.
I"m about to stop this sanding for today, but maybe one more 15 minute session. Breathing the dust is all fun and games too, mask or not.

A couple of things:

As to your bolded statement: it beats the alternative...

I hope you are using a very light, electric sander.

Tough, tedious jobs around the house are best left for your kids, (that's why you had em, right?)
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