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It's all about the h2h and w/l ratio, people. If memory serves, Nadal is currently 9/9 at the event, so he's probably hoping that he can make a good showing and end up (or rather, down) at 9/12, so he can proove once and for all that this is just a meaningless, cheesy exo and all of Federer's wins should at the very least be asterisked, or scratched altogether.

Jokes aside, I'm not putting much stock in what camp Nadal says (never have, really, as they're so fond of contradicting themselves and each other all the time), so I guess he'll be back when he'll be back, not when he or Toni (or the cook, the chambermaid, Xisca's hair stylist, the pool guy from Mallorqua, etc.) says he will.
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