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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Speed, acceleration, jumping ability, power. Essentially, force in a short time.
thank you. now we can get somewhere.

using my eyes:
speed -- Federer (evidence: 10x better defense)
acceleration -- Federer (evidence: near impossible to hit drop shots, or winners in general. ability to get to seemingly impossible balls, exceeded only by Nadal and Djokovic)
jumping ability -- about even
power -- Federer (evidence: hits FH and BH consistently harder than Sampras)
force in a short time -- Federer (this one is not even close. Federer is the master of hitting winners from seemingly impossible and defensive positions).

combined with better stamina, you have Federer being a clear winner, as the poll results also indicate. As you rightly noted, people wouldn't be saying so if it wasn't true.
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