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Prince O3 White.
O3 Shark MP can do too, but has a bit more power and less plush feeling.

Now something unortodox:
Find an old POG OS 4-stripe, prefferably one that's a bit on the lighter side already, static and swing. I was able to find ones that are about 327 - 326 SW and sub 350g static. Then ditch the heavy leather grip and replace with 2 lightest overgrips. Shawe the bumper a bit if you wanted further reduction in SW. You'll end up with a 330+g, 320+ SW, ~4 HL, medium stiffness... Pretty tweenerish, isn't it? Added bennefit is that you'll still have that solid POG feel on flatter, fuller strokes, while the racquet will play like a tweener when you want.
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