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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Irvin......The way I read it, the OP admitted that he removed the racquet from the machine overnight, with the mains installed!

Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
I'm guessing you mean the place where the racket is mounted , but I don't think the OP left the racket mounted. It sounded to me like he did the mains on all 3 and did not leave any actually mounted to the machine.

As people have said, you should finish a full string job at once. If some emergency comes up as you finish your mains, at the very least don't take the racket off the machine because the machine is helping to support your racket until you get the crosses strung.
You guys are right. He said he started the mains in all three rackets and the he strung the crosses in two of them. He's lucky only one broke.
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