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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
What are we basing talent on and how can someone be more talented than someone with much better results? I don't feel one way or another, just trying to make sense of it.
By being a worse player.

Originally Posted by batz View Post
Well said. I'm struggling to see how Rafa, with his 11 measly slams, is less talented than Murrray.
Do you actually watch him play? How could Rafa be more talented than Murray. Has he ever shown the kind of skill and variety that Murray showed in that video?

You probably also think that Roddick is more talented than Nalbandian and Soderling is more talented than Santoro.

Talented doesn't meant quality. But I was naive in expecting everyone to understand this.

Basically, what Nalbandian and Santoro, for example, have over the likes of Soderling and Roddick, is talent.
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