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Yesterday night I watched a few of TW's "The Next Level" videos. What I noticed was that the part that dealt with their racquet was always the part where they didn't know what to say - most said that they use their racquet because they like it (duh), or because it gives them a nice combination of power and control (duh). To me it seemed as if they didn't care too much and as if they'd be just as fine with most other racquets. Does anybody share that view? Is racquet choice something that only we recreational players get completely obsessed with?
They are actually ver obsessed about their rackets. but it is not about 93 vs 95 inches or babolat or wilson. this is more about feel and balance.

those discussions like "wilson is better than babolat" or "fed would win more with a big racket" are really stupid. the modern rackets are all very good. It is more about how you feel with your racket.
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