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Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
If I had to give the OP one piece of advice to cross over that line and convert close losses into wins: put more balls in play. A lot more points are lost on errors within 2-3 shots than are won with brilliant (or lucky) shotmaking. So get more first serves in, limit errors on returns of serve. Make your opponent play, don't give him anything for free.
It's very this level, errors are much more prevalent than outright winners, and I follow that for the most part. But when I'm dialed in and grooving the forehand, when I feel the zen of supreme concentration within a rally coming over me, I will go for winners or more advanced strategic plays. I want to eventually be better than 3.5. The only way to get there is to take some chances, results be damned. I don't mind missing when I take a chance. I do mind missing when I try something because of fear or impatience.
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