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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
It doesn't matter what those people think. Those are the same people that think Mike tyson was a possible GOAT.

The olympics are just a bigger sports event. Anyone with 2 braincells to rub together should realize that the WTF is bigger, simply because it has a richer history and you are only facing the best players.

The Olympic champions include people like Rosset and Massu. No such luck with the WTF.
I judge the prestige and value of a tournament by 3 parameters
1. How much it means to the players
2. The quality/esteem of the previous winners
3. The History

While the Olympics may mean more than the WTF for many years (more because of the pride in winning a Medal for their country than as an individual accomplishment), Olympic Tennis has less history than the WTF and the quality/esteem of the previous winners is not even close to the WTF. So WTF has the edge in my book.
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