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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
True, but there's always the possibility that if the OP hit to his opponent's forehand, his opponent would have smoked the ball back and hit winners instead of just bunting it back and keeping him in the point.... I don't know as the OP didn't comment on whether his opponent's forehand was more powerful and just as consistent.

Guess it just comes down to figuring out which side presents less of a danger even if you're against a better player.

Assuming that the OP has the accuracy to hit to whichever side he wants to, which I would assume reading between the lines of his postings, he (and his opponents) would likely improve their games by not concentrating on their opponent's strokes (weaker vs stronger) and do what everyone else is doing, namely hitting to the side of the court that the geometry of the court/net dictates is more likely to lead to a better shot from you, regardless of what side it is for your opponent. Since the better shot from you, is going to have a better time of leading to a weaker shot from him, regardless if he has to hit a FH or a BH.
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