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Default What kind of "demeanor" do you cultivate on the court?

I mean, how do you conduct yourself during a match? Do you talk? Do you compliment your opponent on good shots? Do you laugh it up on change overs?

I don't say s***. If I get a compliment on a shot from my opponent, I will acknowledge with a nod or a quite "thanks," and then walk back to my position. But I don't give out compliments in the heat of battle. I don't talk during changeovers either unless I'm spoken to first...that is to say, I'm not going to be rude or boorish, but I'm not initiating any small talk either. I separate from my opponent while toweling off and getting water during changeovers and turn away. It's not a gamesmanship thing...I just have to keep my head in what I'm trying to do, and I can't if I'm distracted. It might not mean a lot to some players, but I think it makes a difference for me.

I also refuse to hustle too much to retrieve balls between points. I'll walk swiftly to get them, but I will not jog or anything. I do enough running during points. If I take what they feel is too long, they'll have to wait, or they can bring their own ball boys. haha. I also will not go into my second serve if the first serve was netted and it has trickled back into my own service box. I've sprained ankles on tennis balls in the court before.......not doing it again. Fortunately, I find this to be very routine with players, so it doesn't bother them when I take an extra fifteen seconds to clear the ball away before my second serve.

I'm interested in other processes and what you think of my own. TIA.
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