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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
Height of the bounce and depth of the shot are a pretty big deal at this level.

The absolute worst for someone with a weak back hand (read most 3.0-3.5 players) is a looping topspin with some depth. They cannot really just block it back and that causes problems that can't be solved in a match, on the fly. The result is very often an UE, or a very weak return that lands limply in the middle of the court, begging for a volley, drop shot or a wide angle put away.

If someone is able to block back shots with pace on them, do something different. That is not any kind of great insight or deeper level thinking, I realize.
I actually have less trouble with looping topspinning shots to my backhand than I do with shots to my backhand with pace. On the former, I usually slice bh it back as deep as I can. With harder, lower shots that force a rushed setup, I am frequently a split second too slow, and I hit it wide.

Good advice though...thanks.
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