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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
Interesting. Are you tall by chance? Otherwise that is an advanced shot. because assuming it is a good deep shot with some top spin, you really have to time that correctly to get it right.
I am not tall (5-10), and don't get me wrong, I have trouble with it as much as not. But there is something about the timing required of that shot that I seem to have learned better than the timing involved in a harder, faster, lower shot.

But just to clarify...any backhand shot is a liability for me right now. I just need to practice it more. I practiced my forehand and it got better, than my serve, and it too improved greatly. I know I can do the same for the backhand, but I'm finding that it's harder to practice without a regular hitting partner. I do a lot of wall-hitting practice, but you know how that's harder on the weaker side, so you get less meaningful practice overall.
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