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Odin, you better check your reading comprehension skills again....
We're basically saying the SAME thing.
However, I can't say what you based your answer off of, but my basis is from having 5.5-7.0 women to practice and hit with, while I was still a C player, or 3.5, who made A/Open 3rd rounds by the end of that year. In case you don't understand, that means in April, I played my first C tourney, got to finals and lost. By Oct., went 3 round in Pleasanton's A/Open.
If you wish, I can list a pretty high level of players who were my practice partners, my g/f's, or my buds, starting when I was a less than 3.5 ...CeciMartinez, a former top 10 ranked US woman's player.
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