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Originally Posted by Surecatch View Post
It's very this level, errors are much more prevalent than outright winners, and I follow that for the most part. But when I'm dialed in and grooving the forehand, when I feel the zen of supreme concentration within a rally coming over me, I will go for winners or more advanced strategic plays. I want to eventually be better than 3.5. The only way to get there is to take some chances, results be damned. I don't mind missing when I take a chance. I do mind missing when I try something because of fear or impatience.
Allow me to clarify. I was specifically referring to limiting errors early on in the point. Too many points are ended on an error before they are even really begun. In a close match, playing out more points could be the difference-maker.

If you want to hit more winners, taking more chances isn't the answer, you have to learn to construct a point. Let the point develop, open up the court, don't force something that isn't there.
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