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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Ok, tell us again exactly what criteria you use to determine athleticism. Cause it seems to me that you just handed Nadal the "better athelete than Sampras" trophy without going through all the individual points (like you did in the Federer-Sampras comparison). Instead, you called Nadal a better athlete because he's faster than Sampras. I'd like to remind you that speed is fills like 1/10 of the full notion of what athleticism is. Among others you mentioned power, ain't that right?
His shots may be less powerful, but then against, he doesn't hit flat 99% of the time, so getting an estimation on his power from his shots is difficult.

I think with Nadal, a comparison is really futile. He seems to be on a level of speed where I cannot say that Sampras is faster. He is more or less just as explosive as Sampras AND more enduring. Federer is also superior in endurance, but not in speed, acceleration, hence why it's not crystal clear with him.
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