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So who's got more power? Federer or Sampras?
You seem to be comparing only their shots. Most of the power from shots comes from technique, not strength. Just look at Justine Henin who probably would bench press the 250th most on the WTA tour yet was one of the hardest hitters at her peak. One just looks at Sampras and Federer and it would be a miracle if Federer was somehow physically stronger.

Anyway as far as power goes I thought both at their best Sampras was considered the more explosive player overall. You talk about Federer having better groundstrokes, but that is based on alot of factors- angles, deception, variety, placement, directional control, consistency. Sampras's drive forehands were every bit as explosive, maybe even a bit more, even with Federer's being better overall. Sampras's serve was much more heavy and penetrating than Federer's no contest in that regard. You cant compare just by mph (which Sampras is a bit higher in on average anyway) since the mphs of serves have been rising greatly for reasons hard to explain, Brenda Schultz for instance serving at 130 mph to retake the womens serve speed World record in her mid 30s, way faster than she had ever managed in her prime, how toe explain that. Sampras's volleys and overheads also had more bite on them. Sampras in his era was considered one of it not the biggest overall hitter in the game. Federer was never considered the biggest overall hitter in the game. In his own era people talk about Soderling, Del Potro, Berdych as being bigger hitters.

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