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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
No Blake is definitely not faster than Nadal. You seem to think any player who is very fast is as fast or faster than Nadal which is purely delusional. Even Blake didnt even try to outrun Nadal in their early matches, he knew his only hope to win was to outhit and that he did. Hewitt is faster than Blake but also not as fast as Nadal. Blake had great speed for someone who wasnt even a grinder or good defensive player overall, but that is it. Then again I am talking to someone who thinks Ana freaking Ivanovic had a more "powerful" forehand than Steffi Graf and served at 125 mph at her peak, LOL!

Also, maybe Blake didn't try to grind because he couldn't hit 10 consecutive shots into the court and was better off being aggressive, since he had incredible power and early ballstriking. Why on earth would he grind against Nadal in the first place? To allow him to pick on his backhand?
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